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Hey, I'm Alex Putici.

Farm Kid. College Dropout.
Ice Cream Junkie. ADHD Haver.
Entrepreneur. Community Builder.

What I'm working on

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I founded Work Nicer in 2015 by bringing together 10 friends around the fundamental belief that no one succeeds alone. It's since grown to become Alberta's #1 Coworking Community. Work Nicer empowers members to get out of the house, out of the coffee shop, and accomplish great things with their new found community.

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Well, it's not really a business podcast, and it's not quite a social podcast. Honestly, not 100% sure what it is. But it'll be a good time!

Work in Progress is a monthly podcast featuring extraordinary people and their journeys—the good, the bad, and all its unexpected twists and turns.


Imagine being right there when the Internet was created -- before Google, Amazon, Facebook, or the App Store were even an idea. Crypto will change the world with much the same impact. Even though it's pretty painful sometimes. 5CC is part of how I'm involved in, learning about, and taking advantage of the generational opportunity of Crypto.

Want to work together?

Have an idea for a project or collaboration I might be able to help with? 

Shoot me an email at alex[@]putici.com

Favourite things

You'd think I'd put some books here. But I don't read books. I think I will. I start them, but never finish. Yes, I've tried audiobooks.

It's probably the ADHD.

Anyway. Books aren't the only way to learn things. I also obsess over which tools, apps, and services to interact with on a regular basis. Here are some of my (current) faves: 

Stuff I Actually Read
Fred Wilson
Farnum Street
Mindf*ck Monthly
The Hustle
Morning Brew
The Peak

Things I Use


Rise Science
Ōura Ring

Random lists I might add later
Favourite Websites
Top Boozes
My Failures


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Handcrafted beer best served with a story. Tool Shed was one of Alberta's very first craft breweries and is now sold in over 1000 locations throughout Canada.

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Creating radical connections & collaborations for people facing trauma caused by our systems of homelessness, poverty & mental illness.

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Ensures that songwriters and publishers are paid when their songs are played live onstage. Muzooka is also where artists and their teams manage their own artist assets across multiple platforms from one central hub.

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Socialveil is a visual content calendar built by social media managers for social media managers. Social media is more than just scheduling and posting, it's about multitasking, community management, and efficiency.

More about me

Loving Husband. Entrepreneur. Community Builder. Apple Fanboy. College Dropout. Student of Life.

A Little Bit More
I grew up on a farm in Taber, Alberta with one younger brother (he gets up to a lot of cool stuff) and two amazing parents (they now live in Lethbridge). In November 2010 my wife, Danielle, and I were married on a beach in Cabo. My folks taught me that actions have consequences (I chose to learn the hard way anyway), showed me first-hand the hard work involved in running businesses, and introduced me to my favourite quote (from Zig Ziglar):

If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Call it the golden rule, karma, doing the right thing, the long game, or whatever you want but I live to give before I receive.